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WoW Retail Bot

WoW Retail Bot CD

WoW Bot for Retail uses NNAdvanced LUA Unlocker

The Horadric Cube
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

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    showcase of the new wow dragonflight bot features
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    Dungeon Reaper now available! Solo farm dungeons for awesome gains of gold and check out it in...
  3. for retail they need this mmap download

    https://mega.nz/file/Bu4UkAYI#yKPxEHOZkaeRHjdsVgG9gWiVfRpIg-HDB2Bsct80OsI 2.55 GB file on MEGA

Latest reviews

Thank you very much for this latest wow shadowlands bot update and retail wow was so boring without this rotations i got custom made, if anyone is going to do pvp this is the best deal for not only botting in wow but pvp botting.