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AIO D2R Bot CD D2Rekt


----first game set windows mode. 1280*720 , and unclick auto-pick gold buttom----

1.download win10 1909

2.install win10 1909
unknown (1).png

3.block the windows update . close firewall and Virus killing

4.install all hardware driver.

5.install c++

6.run CMD as admin.
type : sc stop hvrb
and click enter

7.download latest bot version at https://www.afkbots.com/resources/gid-d2r-bot.27/download

8.open day file >>run day.exe , check the Task Manager the day.exe and D2R.exe process hide or not , if hide
can go on click start . if not hide. close it. -----very important!! lmk if got problem of this.

9.if any bug please report . base on much code rewrite . so maybe some bug there.

10.still some risk of ban there . so dont run more than one account on your pc.
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