All in One MMO Bot Launcher

All in One MMO Bot Launcher AIO Launcher Access Now Available!

Now an easier way to manage all your bots and have access to all future updates right with one key.

CD2rekt aka the new Jieguan
Owl Bots for grinding and fishing
CD LUA Unlocker access to run your advanced questing wow bot and rotations
Bonus mystery bots ;)
JieGuan Config Editor Interface
Discord JieGuan Log Broadcaster

JieGuan take over is now replaced with D2Rekt or aka gid2rekt or cd2rekt and any novice bot user is aware of anything encrypted with connecting to an auth server can show as a false positive, if you are concerned as always with any bot software you can run it on a cloud pc separately from your primary gaming accounts too. Please don't jump to the assumption that since windows defender or chrome browser flagged the download that it is unsafe, this is not the case and you can look up virutalization encryption via VMprotect which is a web license key manager for software to protect from crack attempts you can read more about this encryption at

This platform is secured with VMProtect
Screenshot 2023-11-09 3.47.57 PM.png

Make sure to extract RaR files with WinRAR
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this is a very convenient tool to keep track of updates and downloads. the false positive is from the repacking encryption method in case anyone didn't know.