CodeDeception WOW LUA Unlocker

CodeDeception WOW LUA Unlocker 9-19

Just made some changes to our auth system that is improved upon with some security changes.
Download with the Baneto ready to go with WOTLK Classic Maps!
Updated Nav.exe if you are having an error, you need the new Nnav.exe in your folder!
Added streamlined trial access for users so the setup process is much easier now!

Launch the CD Lua Unlocker, press start all together button or start the nav button first after locating your wow file path.

You will see that your wotlk maps are already set and ready for classic use.

For shadowland users simply download the SL Maps and put them accordingly in the mmaps folder.

To use your own login / reset the login simply delete the baneto authentication lua file found in scripts\baneto\ folder!
Start with start all together button and if it crashes on first start up just start it again and it should launch fine.
Get access to many bots and tools with your wow lua unlock access key will also give you access to many of our other tools now part of the codedeception all in one launcher.
Updated UI text , wow.exe path location to clarify you can use wow revamped unlocker with retail, tbc classic and som.
Make sure to get the latest wow revamped lua unlocker download is also updated in the all in one lua unlocker