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EyeAuras Pixel Based Automation

EyeAuras Pixel Based Automation Latest Stable version



two hours ago

Default properties are a new feature.

There are now only three - Target Window, Input Simulator, and Capture Method - but it will be quite simple to add additional in the future if necessary.
These are specified at the folder level and are applied to all triggers/actions/etc within that folder.
More information may be found at Default Properties | EyeAuras Wiki.


three hours ago
Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, access to internal API, and performance optimizations have all been added to the C# script Action/Trigger.


Exactly 19 days ago

Log Level is a new option that allows you to choose how much logs the program writes.
This may assist to minimize overall latency for slow PCs or some VMs.
At the same time, it makes tracking and resolving issues incredibly difficult, so utilize it at your own peril.


  • Exactly 21 days ago

    [Search by Image/Color/Text]
    Addition of a Min FPS selection, which influences trigger behavior if frame time gets unexpectedly low.
    More information may be found on the Wiki.


22 days beforehand

Please keep in mind that this version incorporates modifications to the core of EyeAuras, so upgrade only if you're comfortable with app exploding in your face!

[Bug] Changed way aura activation is recorded to more gracefully accommodate increased performance starving.
In certain extreme circumstances, the program may have bypassed the OnEnter part completely.


28 days ago
Implemented prototype of Event Log - in-built viewer that shows which auras have been activated/deactivated recently and which actions were executed. In combination with Dependencies Viewer overlay it should help you to find that nasty “rogue” aura which keeps pressing some button when you do not want it to.
Eventually this thing will hold other information as well - warnings, errors, information about latest updates, etc.


  • a month ago

    User input smoothing [SendInput/Sequence] is a new functionality.
    These actions now have an additional option that should make mouse motions appear more natural rather than machine-generated.
    More information may be found on the Wiki.


a month ago
[Fix] The Aura Triggers combo type (All must be active, etc.) was not preserved properly.


a month ago
[Fix] On Load/Unload, overlays were wrongly sized in some circumstances.


a month ago
[Fix] The ColorRemoval effect was not preserving its attributes properly.


two months ago

[Search for Network Messages/Text]
Fixed an issue with the Save/Load of deactivation properties.


two months ago

Changelogs have been fixed - they were not appearing correctly for a few weeks [ImageSearch].
Bindable attributes have been added.

Rectangle BoundsOnScreen - Bounds but also offset by screen window location.

This makes this property an excellent choice for tying Overlays to it, as no further conversion (relative => absolute) is required.

A few enhancements have been made, such as the ability to connect attributes of type Point (X, Y) to Rectangle, making it easier to generate offsets.
/ image-in-image search / etc.
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