Jieguan take over bot full download

Jieguan take over bot full download 1.5

Edit the account.ini to add your account for auto login because of new token generation method. Use the new 1.5 launcher simply by renaming it, make sure no spaces in your C:\ folder file path as well for the bot cannot be named anything in the folder "jieguan" as well. We are making sure each release is secure by thoroughly testing it, so please use it as outlined by the developer. Do not make assumptions on how to use it, if you do not put your account login within the account.ini file it will not be able to relog in the event of a crash which can happen just because online servers are sometimes randomly dc user for no reason.

Amazon class config file included that was missing from last update posted as always though class files are always posted and updated in the change log forum section.
Jieguan Setup Instructions

Make sure to add your bnet account login in the format email|pass in account.ini file in the bot folder.

1- Place Settings.json file in the saved games\diablo 2 resurrected folder
2- Edit your class config file accordingly with notepad or using jieguan config editor. Make sure you set pickit .nip file named correctly.
3- Put the bot folder in the C:\ same as where your d2r install is in the c drive filepath which must contain only english letters.
4- Dont name your folder or exe jieguan of course this is obvious but nobody listens so ill set the default name for you as something random.
5- You will have a temp folder created that can be deleted if you encounter any errors that are not:
-failed to verify (hwid needs to be reset by opening helpdesk ticket or pm-ing admin on forum) or
-license expired (key needs to be renewed or changed with new key by deleting loader.dat where key is saved)
6- loader.dat is where your key is saved , this file will be created after the first launch. Delete it to enter a new key whenver you change your key.
- loader.bin is the brain of the bot, you will not want to combine the mh folder with the bot folder, keep zhipei and jieguan folders separate if you plan to have both.
7- If you are seting up your character settings in game will need to be also updated for the bot to use the numpad 9 key as the toggle legacy graphics G hotkey
-Go to controls tab in game settings -> go to legacy graphics hotkey and update it from G to numpad 9 (Use on screen keyboard if you do not have numpad 9 on your keyboard)
8. Always double check your class config settings, also make sure to post in the forum and introduce yourself at https://www.afkbots.com/categories/jieguan-take-over-bot.8/
9. Use the jieguan config editor to have an easier time with setting up but you don't need to use it, the scheduler however will be 1 of the more important tools
-Set your jieguan scheduler to take a break between 5AM-11AM MST
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Updated links, not needed if you have jieguan running fine.
Fixed some links and default pickit as well. If you are looking for the JieGuan Config Editor or most importantly the Jieguan Scheduler you will be glad to see it is available with the all in one launcher including access to many bots and tools.
You must download the Jieguan Config editor that includes the scheduler separately, please take note of the config version in your class file that is in the current classes as the config editor may not have the latest config number set for your class file as it is made by separate developer
Latest jieguan 1.4 beta update make sure to replace the 1.4 exe in your folder if so
in case you did not have previous jieguan files to replace the exe with i have included them.
Must re-enter your key, do not use old loader.dat file

  1. Download
  2. Place into a new folder on C:\ that has a Anti-Virus folder exception
  3. Unzip
  4. Copy your Class folder from old bot directory
  5. Copy your pickit folder from old bot directory
  6. DO NOT copy your loader.dat file from the old bot directory
  7. Open Config.lua and edit the line to match your class lua file name, will need something that looks like Config.Class = "Classes\\paladinfull"
  8. Start the bot
  9. Enter license key
  10. Profit