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Orion Diablo 4 Bot for Windows 10

Orion Diablo 4 Bot for Windows 10 Orion

Keys now available for 1 session or 3 session discounted!

Storyline done for you:

complete entire
story line
with push of a button!

Gold Farming done for you:

Up to

Supports each
class & spec.

Dungeons & Cellars done for you:

More than
10 dungeons
hands free runs.

Combat Rotations done for you:

Customize the way
your character will
fight in
front of enemies!

Selling & Storage all item management done for you:

Keep quality items
you need
and sell everything
else or store it!

• Support English UI
• Support for all Char, with testing indicating that Druid and Barb are the best.
• Support automatic opening of all Lilith altar functions
• Support automatic main quest function, automatic completion of acts 1-6
• Automatically allocate skill points for each class, effective for players below level 50.
• Automatically switch to high-intensity equipment, effective for players below level 50.
• Support for running multiple clients simultaneously, with plans to sell 4-client keys in the future.
• Support for pickit equipment attribute filtering.
• Support for whispering coins gambling.
• Support for auto sell/repair
• Currently supports 12 dungeons, with plans to support more in the future.
• Support for feature to activate teleportation points,
• Support for single dungeon Leave Instance + Logout.
• Support for sequential execution of dungeons.
• Support for team mode, with members able to set to "only follow for looting."
• Support for follow mode.
• Support for "place kill."mode
• Support for "Path kill."mode
• Support for HP and experience potions.
• Characters will prioritize attacking boss monsters with shield auras.
• Support for monster evasion skill.
• Support for gathering mobs during combat.
• Support for setting the BOT running time.
• BOT supports online updates, with more features to be added in the future.
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