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QuestingBot Plugin: a fortified bot capable of questing, fishing, gathering, and beyond. It enables scripting-based profiles, which may be quite versatile and powerful.

The RotationBot Plugin: a simple rotation bot that may be used for PVE content.

The BasicCombatClasses plugin: includes combat routines for all classes and is compatible with SimpleBot and QuestingBot.

SimpleBot Plugin: A straightforward easy to use bot for grinding, gathering, and fishing. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use visual user interface for creating a profile and is intended for users who wish to make their own profiles.

Free plugins included:

Includes free upgrade addon plugins to:
AdvancedCombatClasses: This is an advanced combat routine that supports all classes and works with SimpleBot and QuestingBot.

PM General Rotations:
General combat rotations for all classes and specs

Aliance Leveling Quest Profiles. Currently Levels (01 - 40)

Horde Leveling Quest Profiles. Currently Levels (01 - 60)

Mining Profession Leveling 1-450 for Max Level Players With Flying. Northrend mining profiles and more will come soon.

Alliance MoveTo Profiles for WotLK / Era
Works with WotLK & QuestingBot
Interesting points
and many more

Dungeon Grind Profiles for WotLK
Works with WotLK and QuestingBot
[A][Dungeon Grind]Hellfire Ramparts
[A][Dungeon Grind]Sethek Halls
[A][Dungeon Grind] Hellfire Ramparts
[A][Dungeon Grind]Sethek Halls
[AH][Dungeon Grind]Botanica
[H][Dungeon Grind]Hellfire Ramparts
[H][Dungeon Grind]Sethek Halls
[H][Dungeon Grind] Hellfire Ramparts
[H][Dungeon Grind]Sethek Halls


Safety First:
Both pixel-only and hybrid pixel-memory reading modes are supported by Pixel Master Hybrid WoW Bot. No memory writing or injection is included to lower the number of detection vectors.

Reasonably priced:
There are no additional or hidden fees, and it does not require a lua-unlocker. Botbases may be bought individually, allowing you to only pay for what you find necessary.

Simple to Operate:
There is no extra configuration for rotations or hotkeys. There are built-in rotations for all classes, as well as auto detection for the character class.

Remote Control:
With a web browser, you may use remote control to operate the bot. Viewing and even responding to the in-game discussions is possible. On top of that, you can view profile data, loot, even view the bot while it broadcasts the game! You can also perform lua commands!

Classic Ready and More Expansions Compatible:
Pixel Master Hybrid WoW Bot is primarily designed for WOTLK and all Classic WoW modes, with retail support planned for the future.

Open WoW Bot API:
Rotations presets for every class and talent specialization are configurable in the addon. Furthermore, utilizing the Bot API, developers in the community may design and upload additional botbases and combat routines to the marketplace.

Flight Support:
Flight route finding is released. Use flight for a variety of operations, including gathering.

Quick and Easy Install:
Bot may be installed with a single click using the installer, and it will automatically update itself using the built-in updater as needed.

Light and effective:
PixelMaster is meant to be both lightweight and effective. It requires little CPU resources and has no negative impact on computer performance.

Always more being released:
Future updates constantly being released such as new bot bases to automate gold investing with a WoW Auction House Bot base and new Questing Bot which is now available.
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