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WoWTinkr WOTLK Classic MacOS LUA Unlocker

WoWTinkr WOTLK Classic MacOS LUA Unlocker v3.1

Tinkr Classic Launcher v3.1​


This is the latest version of the Tinkr Classic launcher.

Install Instructions​

  1. Download this package.
  2. Unzip somewhere easy to access.
  3. Right Click on run_tinkr and click Open.
  4. When you see "run_tinkr" is a Unix app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Click Open.
  5. A window will open and ask you for your Tinkr auth token, paste your token from the Tokens page.
  6. The launcher will start to prepare Tinkr.
  7. You may see this message Fixing Tinkr Download, this requires root... Simply enter your macOS password and press enter. You will not see characters, the password is hidden during typing.
  8. Tinkr will continue to prepare files and then launch the game.
  9. For future launches, you may simply double click run_tinkr as normal.
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