ZhiPei Dominate Tool D2R Maphack, Tele Pickit + more

ZhiPei Dominate Tool D2R Maphack, Tele Pickit + more invite only

The ZhiPei Dominate Tool is undervalued and underrated, if you have been wondering how people have been getting all the loot before it even drops in public games, you have come to find the answer. While on client side to you it may look like you are teleporting all over the place grabbing the items with a pickit item grabber, but on server side you can see the user's spell cast animations, and they aren't zig zagging all over the place.
The movement is very normal like and you can easily play it off as just being quick with your gaming setup.

There is one easy way to test if other user's in your game are using this tool, and so you also don't fall for someone making you tele grab useless items, is by dropping an unidentified small charm and watch who teleports directly to it and grabs it before you have a chance to pick it back up or they will be fighting then suddenly teleport on top of the item and if their inventory is full they'll keep trying to pick them up.

Another fault that will be revisited but you can easily use the inventory status function to show your space available. Now while this tool has some "bot" like functions, let's not confuse it with JieGuan Take Over Bot.

The ZhiPei dominate tool is for manual usage not for afk. This is an easy and safe to use packet casting tool that not only auto travels you to bosses but saves you time from having to fill up your belts with potions, as it is also capable of auto healing mana or health with whichever potions you set to with the thresholds for each type.

You can also have it auto heal your mercenary, amongst also giving your mercenary a stat boost as well as yourself. Let's not forget that when playing hardcore, while the chicken option will pull you back into the lobby right as soon as your health target is met making it a very desirable tool for any player.

If you are running into any crashes, make sure you have vertical sync in game settings disabled along with being in windowed mode. You can be in fullscreen windowed mode, but it must be in windowed.. Furthermore you can hook zhipei while already in game but it is highly suggested to still do so from the cinematic screen just in case as it saves much headache from diagnosing any errors that may occur. You will find more information in our reviews section of zhipei which is now offering limited lifetime keys for $100 or $50 more for lifetime jieguan users, this means if you have jieguan lifetime key, you can make a profit by purchasing the zhipei lifetime key and listing it on our marketplace or other marketplaces or even on ebay as you will see a maphack for sale on ebay if you search for one it is very easy to resell our keys as they activate upon first use and bind to the 1st pc. Any affiliates interested in promoting our sites and receiving commission can contact us.
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