Currently Testing the Cava 16-20 Horde profile, I did report the Alliance profile wasnt taking Transport automatically and the Profile Dev Cava fixed it super fast! Once again this is my goto Automation Software for security and efficiency you really cant beat PixelMaster, I plan on writing a more indepth Review for the Bot Provider on their Choice of Forum Domain. But if your considering a Bot to run, especially on Season of Discovery, go ahead and get your self a 1 day trial liscense and if you have anny issues running it put in a ticket and these amazing staff members will get you up and running, very rare youll have issues running it im on a special driver system which is why i had issues, but once again the dev got me a custom fix made, PHENOMENAL SUPPORT, the FREE profiles from Cava will crusie your toons on Horde from 1-20 hands free, and the Alliance profiles FREE by Cava have 1-40 already released for phase 2 SoD! If your not Using PixelMAster to grind your gold and levels and mats to maximize your gains in Season of Discovery, Your truly missing out once the bot get running and you figure out the system its so fast it ridiculous, Cava uses the Questing Bot Profile maker ide script and appreantly this person really know their C# code and hearing what their past job is and knowing more about that "item" i can see why the profiles are just so smooth sharp and run so clean, not one player has targeted me or followed me conisdering my playing as sus thus far and I've bottted as safe as possible 4 lvls 25s a 19 horde as of typign this a 17 paladin a 19 horde druid and a 10 rogue and a 21 hunter thus far.

10/10 : Software
8/10 : Functionality :- Once you figure out how to make SimpleProfiles and familiarize yourself with the system this turns to a : 10/10
10/10 : SUPPORT
10/10 : PROFILES / Profile Quality <Specifically Cava Alliance and Horde Questing Profiles PACK>