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that could mean it "saved" them and they didnt get broadcast correctly for example, could also be new keystrokes which get send then. we would need a video to check the behavior and so on
are you sure youre not leaving some key pressed while the action cannot be performed and then if you dont unpress it, you cant press it again


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After using the loot-a-rang for too long, the loot screen is not visible. This problem is experienced especially when you use it when there is no loot around. The loot screen won't let me use skills as long as it stays open in the background. Pressing esc, spacebar or W A S D closes this loot screen.


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Anyone else trying to run WoW Classic Era in a VM getting access violation error with wow crashing? 😦


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In reply to Gilwithcopium: [Might be an EU thing]

5k gold is around 10$ on eu wotlk high pop server