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When I first paid for a restoration druid rotation, I wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t even sure a bot could catweave correctly. Turns out I was wrong. Baneto made a fantastic rotation for me. I’m very impressed. The bot can heal 20s easily. Not only that, the cat form rotation it uses is A tier. 10/10. Very happy with my purchase. Will buy more rotations in the future


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I have been using baneto for almost 4 days, the main thing I want to note is a beautiful smooth pathing, an intuitive interface, extensive documentation that makes it easy to delve into the question and learn how to write your own profiles, and most importantly - excellent support, seriously, <@271949541337595904> is a genius in both working with people and in technical matters, he promptly helped me with virtual machines and all the questions that arose. Sorry, <@341913942924460036>, I know that you are also very responsive and can help solve many questions /problems, but due to the fact that I know english quite mediocre, it's easier for me to contact someone who speaks russian.

In short - great support, great bot, I will continue to work with Baneto further, thanks for the good software


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I have been using baneto for more than a month and it is really excellent. I have used it in Wotlk and in Era Wow and I can assure you that it pays for itself and it is 100% AFK. I am lucky to live in Argentina and here WOW subscriptions are really cheap because they cost 7usd and that allows me to have many accounts farming on various servers. I am really grateful to Baneto and his team. 100% trusted


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Anyone looking to see if this bot is good. IT IS, the people here always answer questions. dont leave you hanging and are very helpful. The price is also the best on the Market. They are not greedy. I love that. Thank you very much for everything <@341913942924460036>


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I have recently bought Baneto's Resto Druid profile, after the season 2 affixes I asked if they could add cyclones to the Incorporeal Beings. He did it without an issue! 10/10


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Just wanted to say how great this bot is working for me and how well and fast support has responded to issues I have run into! It is great to have support that is willing ready and able to act!


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Been working with Morvar/Noro creator for awhile. The support is top notch and the profiles he creates are also of top quality. I recommend for anyone who need specialized profiles to basic profiles to contact Morvar, he can do it all!


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By far best developed and maintained botting application I have personally come across. *Especially when it comes to making your own profile, other applications don't come close*


I started botting about 4 months ago, I didn’t have any special problems as a beginner. All my questions were answered by technical support represented by LongKHorn [RU admin], for which I thank him! Most of all, I am glad that the bot is developing, new settings, profiles and much more are being added. GLHF


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Have started using Baneto again and have been doing 5 man dungeons through classic era. Bambo has been second to none when it comes to support and taking on and implementing suggestions. 5 man dungeons are now running super smooth. 10/10 Thanks Bambo


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I've been using Baneto for a few weaks now, and I must say it's been an incredible experience. After my unpleasant encounter with another botting tool, I decided to give Baneto a try, and I'm blown away by how much better it is. The setup was a breeze, even for someone who isn't tech-savvy like me.


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im back to Baneto once again ! still working like a charm i had a bug and Baneto itself help me fix it insane bot insane support !


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Comming into WOW botting with over a decade of botting other MMOs, from small scale to profitable enterprises. Baneto is up there with the greats, having a lua interface is alot easier than alternatives to work with, and alot easier to get going with plugins and stuff. Overall a pleasant experience so far!


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After a little over a year's hiatus from both WoW and botting, I'm back. 🙂 <@976835551309230090> was the best back then, and it has only gotten better over the past year. The unstuck routines were great back then, but have VASTLY improved now; pathing in general, farming, grinding, everything is much more robust than it was last year, and last year it was the best bot I've used since....2012/2013?

I write my own plugins for rotations, and I'm a novice at best when it comes to programming, and the support here and in the botting community in general has been second to none. With the help of key members here, and of course experience with leveling and raiding in game, I am more than confident that my DK plugin rotation could be used for raiding without breaking a sweat.

<@341913942924460036> is awesome and always an absolute pleasure to deal with, even when my "user error" persists to the point of self-annoyance. 🙂

Overall this is an absolutely wonderful environment to be part of! Coming from someone with 13 years of WoW botting experience, if you are trying to decide which bot and/or community is right for you, look no further!


Bot Baneto is an undisputed choice for any World of Warcraft player seeking a safe and profitable experience. Its focus on account security and efficiency in obtaining in-game resources makes it an invaluable tool. With its ability to avoid detections and a proven track record of reliability, Bot Baneto ensures that your WoW account is protected while maximizing your earnings. If you want to optimize your in-game time and resources safely and profitably, Bot Baneto is the option you shouldn't overlook. 💯 💯


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Just bought slave mode plus , what a game changer when the master knows he’s the master, would love to see a cast buff on master/slave option in future , but still can’t recommend it enough it’s brilliant🏆💯


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It's pretty good, this is my first time using a WoW bot and I have no complaints, owner is responsive but the only thing that gives me troubles is the path ESP being buggy and drawing in the sky and lagging terribly (I can enable object and player esp in a main city and get no fps drops but path esp drops to 20 fps)


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I have been very pleased with this bot. Coming from someone who used Honorbuddy for years. This bot sits shoulder to shoulder, if not surpass that bot. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get back into botting.