@everyone```15.03.2023 Patch 1.02 changelog:

-Improved flying and swimming behavior
-Better path finding while swimming and flying
-Better combat in DK area

Bug fixes:
-Fixed the bug after logout client checks for updates again.
-Fixed bot not detecting positions of units that are using another unit as transport correctly```
@everyone ```Patch 1.07 changelog:
-Added Hekili rotations addon support.
-Added wanted objects to the Questing bot in order to increase questing efficiency.
-Added in activity detection for combat. But now will try to run away if no activity detected in combat.
-Improved fishing behavior.
-Improved resurrection place.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed 'TrainSkill' behavior
-Fixed a bug that caused BG input method does not behave correctly on the transports.
-Fixed looting problems in water.
-Fixed some gathering issues.
-Fixed a bug where recorded path count does not show correctly after reloading the profile in the SimpleBot profile viewer.```
@everyone ```Patch 1.08 changelog:
-Added support for flying-grinding profiles.
-Added support for flying resurrection where it is needed. i.e. Icecrown
-Added MaxPullCount property to Kill and Grind behaviors. Bot will try to pull targets
which will not cause to pull enemies more than the given number.
-Added option to ignore dangerous nodes (a lot of enemies nearby) while gathering.
-Improved gathering while flying.
-Improved enemy detection while moving and pulling.
-Improved Hekili support.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed applying buffs in the middle of drinking and eating.
-Fixed a bug when adding fishing hotspots in the SimpleBot.
-Fixed some navigation bugs.```
```Patch 1.09 changelog:
-Revamped the log console
-Added enhanced features to the bot settings.
-Added Draw Paths option to the bot settings.
-Quest accept/turnin improvements.
-Some small improvements to the combat behavior.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed player dismounts early before trying to gather a node in the SimpleBot.
-Light Feather is now properly will be mailed or sold to Vendors.
-Fixed some NPCs not showing in the SimpleBot profile maker.```
```Patch 1.10 changelog:
-Improved profile selection page
-Added categories to the profiles

Bug fixes:
-Fixed Restocck behavior only worked if vendors were close to the player.```
```Patch 1.15 changelog:

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that player tried to loot herbs or other objects when not having the profession.
-Fixed a bug in TurnIn quests behavior.
-Fixed Druid trying to pull mobs in flying form. ```
```Patch 1.16 changelog:
Added option to set radius for blackspots in the SimpleBot profile maker.
This will break profiles that already have blackspots in them. For these profiles
please load them and then save them again and then you can set radius manually in
a text editor.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused bot to freeze some times upon start.
-Fixed a bug that casued a delay after player skinned a mob in the SimpleBot
-Fixed a bug in Warrior pulling abilities.
-Fixed a bug in SimpleBot blackspots not showing when loading profiles.```
```Patch 1.19 changelog:
-Added support for 'Ignored Items' in the questing bot. This can be used to prevent bot to loot some mines, herbs etc.
-Added support to load zipped profiles from the server.
-FollowPath behavior now follows the path from the closest point after break.

Bug fixes:
-Bot now properly confirms BoP loots
-UI element typo fixes
-Automatically found Vendors and Mailboxes are now correctly set from the player faction.
-Fixed some bugs in the MailItems behavior in the QuestingBot```
```Patch 1.20 changelog:
-Added the ability to draw recorded path and hotspots in the dev tools section.
-Added foods, drinks and ammos count to the player inventory

Bug fixes:
-Fixed some bugs regarding the zipped profiles
-Fixed IgnoredAreas in the profile settings were ignored while gathering and fishing.
-Fixed Unholy DK rotation```
Patch 1.21 changelog:
-Added the ability to draw hotspots from the clipboard in the dev tools section.
-Improved auto vendor NPC finding.
-Some improvements to the navigation system.
-Paladin rotatin improvement.
-Bot now automatically reload the UI after successful addon installation

Bug fixes:
-Removed loading of recent local questing bot profiles due to performance issues.
```Patch 1.23 changelog:
-Added new Launcher app that should be used to run the bot.
-Added profile runtime limit for QuestingBot
-Improved flying and gathering when enhanced features is enabled
-Improved auto login
-Improved resilience against disconnects```
```Patch 1.24 changelog:
Bug fixes:
-Fixed navigation bug on transports in the BG input mode
-Fixed some Navmesh problems in the Sholazar Basin
-Fixed some swimming and flying issues```
```Patch 1.30 changelog:
-Added support for the Classic Era
-Added 'IgnoreCheck' Parameter to the PickUp behavior to support repeatable quests.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed Stormwind mage portal room navigation issue
-Fixed flying over Dalaran
-Fixed some flying issues while gathering
-Fixed bot trying to open lockboxes```