```Patch 1.31 changelog:
-Improved flying path finding

Bug fixes:
-Fixed taking taxi bug
-Fixed flying while enhanced mode is enabled
-Fixed some addon bugs in dungeons and raids
-Fixed background input issue in classic era
-Fixed profile stats issues in the bot control panel```
```Patch 1.34 changelog:
-Fixed warlock summon voidwalker problem
-Warlock now casts spell when pulling
-Fixed some driver problems
-Fixed some addon bugs```
```Patch 1.35 changelog:
Added navmesh for most of the Rais, Dungeons and BGs. This is the first step to support dungeons and PvP in the future.
Even now it has become possible to create profiles to clear old dungeons using a single char. You add some waipoints inside the dungeon and
Bot will kill and loot any enemy that will engage in combat with the player.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug in SimpleBot that prevented gathering to work
-Fixed a warlock class bug```
```Patch 1.36 changelog:
-Added seperate Database for wow classic Era
-Driver updated. (Reinstall needed)

Bug fixes:
-Fixed warlock pet summon issue.
-Fixed warrior class issue in the Classic Era
-Fixed player names not reading correctly in the classic Era
-Fixed not reading bags correctly other than the backpack in the classic Era
-Fixed not reading player money correctly in the classic Era which caused player not taking taxis
-Fixed problems when flight master was also quest giver```
```Patch 1.37 changelog:
Bug fixes:
-Fixed background input and enhanced features for win 10
-Fixed Paladin class Judgement issue in the Classic Era
```Patch 1.38 changelog:
-Added 'UseItemName', 'CanUseMount' and 'IgnoreCombatIfMounted' parameters to the LeadNPC behavior.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that setting 'CanUseMount' to false did not work as intended in the MoveTo behavior
-Fixed TakeTaxi behavior bug
-Fixed navigation problems if having underwater breathing buff while swimming```
```Patch 1.39 changelogs:
-Many settings added to the questing bot to allow users to customize mailing, selling and other behaviors of the bot.
-Added ClearArea, SetCheckpoint, IfCheckpointSet and IfCheckpointNotSet behaviors to the QuestingBot profile system.
-Added bool KillBetweenHotspots = false, to KillMobs and GrindMobsUntil behaviors to allow profiles override the corresponding user setting.
-Added optional string input to the EndIF, EndGroup and EndWhile for code readability purposes
-Added factions to the Vendros, Mailboxes and Blackspots for the QuestingBot
-MinMobLevel and MaxMobLevel parameter of the KillMobs and GrindMobsUntil behaviors are now related to the player level

Bug fixes:
-Fixed issue that caused taking taxis to not work```
```Patch 1.40 changelogs:
-Added TrainAllSkills behavior for the questing bot.
-Improved CheckIfCheckpointSet and CheckIfCheckpointNotSet behaviors.```
```Patch 1.41 changelogs:
-Accepting and turning the quests now will fail after 6 unsuccessful attempts to prevents infinite loop of fail attempts.
-Blocked Searing Gorge-Loch Modan gate on navmesh
Bug fixes:
-Bot no longer sort hotspots for killing tasks if they are set by the profile and visit order is set to 'Order'
-Fixed a bug that caused character to no move if nearby dangerous enemy clusters found.
-SellItems and BuyItems behaviors now work even if the given NPC from the database does not have a 'Vendor' flag.
-Fixed a problem caused by player going AFK when taking long taxi paths.```
```Patch 1.42 changelogs:
-Updated the bot for Classic Era ver 1.4.4
-Added the plugin system for the bot. Plugins allow devs to add additional functionalities to the bot. i.e. auto gearing and learning talents. The first plugin that is included now, auto learns nearby flight masters and records them when bot moves near them.
-Improved the take taxi behavior and using taxis for faster travels is now enabled by default in most behaviors.
-Bot navigation can now support doors. Few doors are added and more will be supported in the feature.
-Added 'MoveToNearObject' and 'RefreshLockdDoors' behaviors for the Questing bot.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused nested profiles to use the parent profile settings.```
```Patch 1.43 changelogs:
-Added a new behavior to the questing bot: KillMultiMobs. This behavior can be used to set multiple mobs to kill for multiple objectives at once.
Bot then will kill each mob until it's objective is done.
-Improved finding closest flight master in some areas like Ungoro Crater
-Improved Paladin class rotation

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug in AutoFM plugin that caused to interact with the opposite faction flight master.
-Fixed Food/Drink bug in the classic Era
-Fixed Mage bug stucking at restocking behavior
-Fixed a bug that caused to vendors not showing up in the SimpleBot for the classic Era
-Fixed Druid class problems in the Classic Era and added few more spells to the melee rotation for wotlk.
-Fixed some issues with accepting quests in the classic Era```
```Patch 1.44 changelogs:
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that AutoFM plugin was not loading for some users.
-Fixed a bug that caused player to stuck while killing mobs in the water.
-Fixed quest objective progress bug for the classic era.```
```Patch 1.45 changelogs:
-Added the ability to check for the player CCs in the addon.
Rotations can use this info to act accordingly.
-Now when 'KillBetweenHotspots' user settings is enabled, bot will not try to combat with enemies
all around the map and only starts combat if it is close to the hotspots.
-Druid will not cancel form anymore when trying to gather herbs.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug in the Selling behavior that caused to not honor the user settings while selling items.
-Fixed the ship from the ratchet to the booty bay.
-Fixed the ship form the Menethil Harbor to the Theramore.
-Fixed bot tried to attack NPCs at the Cenarion Expedition and Auchidon in the Outlands.
-Fixed and improved the warlock rotation for the classic Era.```
```Patch 1.46 changelogs:

Bug fixes:
-Alliance and horde Portals to Northrend fixed.
-Fixed the bug in AutoFMs plugin that caused player interact with the opposite faction flight master.
-Fixed the bug in AutoFMs plugin that lead to not learning flight points that are not connected to any other FP.
-Fixed some problems with Deepram Tram.```
```Patch 1.47 changelogs:
-Updated the bot for the Wotlk 3.4.3 version
-Added the ability to not use the mouse when enhanced features are on. (Please note that Enhanced features atm only works in win10 non VM)
This is useful for some computers that have problem using the mouse or calibrate it.
-Added support for the soft targetting and interaction.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused bot keep interacting with a gathering node even after combat started with a nearby enemy.
-Fixed Druid sometimes fail to collect a gathering node in a flight form.```
```Patch 1.48 changelogs:
-Added the ability to set the mounts to use in the bot settings.
If any of the flying or ground mount names are set in the settings, bot will use them only.```
```Patch 1.49 changelogs:
-Added apply poison support for rogues. (Credit goes to #Pacokeks)
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug in classic Era Quesst Log.
-Fixed Feathermoon ship issue in the Ferelas for Classic Era.
-Made a change that can fix interacting with objects while in combat.```
```Patch 1.50 changelogs:

- Added Advanced combat module. This module is profile based and is much more powerful than the basic module.
It can be used for PvE and PvP. Atm there are only rotations for two classes for testing. In the next few days others will add.
You can add it from the bot store for free to access it.
- Added support for SoD spells plus a dedicated Database for it.
- Added auto restocking functionality to the questing bot. This feature allows bot to automatically restock Food/Drink and Ammo based on the settings you can set
at the botbase settings section.
- Updated the API Github repo with the new sample rotation files for the advanced combat module.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed some bugs in the classic Era.
-Fixed a bug that caused player to repeatedly try to mount up when there are many enemies nearby.
-Fixed enhanced features for the classic Era. (BG inputs still does not work in Era)```
```Patch 1.51 changelogs:
-Added rotation for Arms Warrior.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug related to the auto restocking. Auto retocking now requires for player to have a minimum of 50 coppers.
And if it failed, it will be repeated only after 5 minutes passed.
-Fixed a bug that caused player stance/form did not set correctly.
-Fixed aura stacks count not setting correctly.```